What To Expect From Your First Year With A New Puppy Or Kitten

What To Expect From Your First Year With A New Puppy Or Kitten in Cary

Congratulations on your new puppy or kitten! The first year of life for a pet is critical. Establishing good healthcare practices will help your pet stay healthy and strong. As your animal hospital in Cary, we help new pet owners learn how to care for their pets from the very start.

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Wellness Visits

Your new pet will need regular wellness visits with the veterinarian to ensure that he or she is healthy. Wellness visits help your pet’s vet catch illnesses and conditions in their early stages, so your pet can thrive. Wellness visits are also an excellent chance for you to ask your pet’s veterinarian questions that you might have about your pet’s behavior and at home care. We recommend bringing your pet to the vet for wellness visits once annually.


Vaccinations will bring your pet back to the vet multiple times in the first year of life. Your pet will need a variety of core vaccinations and possibly some non-core vaccinations as well. We’ll tell you the vaccination schedule and schedule the appointments at the appropriate intervals, to help your pet build up his or her immunity to some of the common pet illnesses and diseases in the area.

Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and neutering can help control your pet’s behavior and prevent unwanted pet pregnancies. We recommend spaying or neutering at around 8 weeks of age. We can answer any questions you might have about spaying and neutering, so you can decide whether this is right for your pet

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At Chatham Animal Hospital we want your pet to grow up healthy and strong! Visiting your Cary veterinarian can help your pet get the care he or she needs in the first year of life. To start your pet off on the right track for wellness, make your pet’s first wellness appointment today. Call us at 919-469-8114.

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