Top 5 Most Common Pet Surgeries in Cary, NC

Top 5 Most Common Pet Surgeries in Cary, NC

Many pets, just like humans, need surgery from time to time. There are plenty of pet surgeries that can be performed depending on the health condition of the animal, but some are performed more often than others.

Common Pet Surgeries by a Veterinarian in Cary, NC

Spaying and Neutering: This is usually the most common procedure performed by a veterinarian in Cary, NC. While it’s a minor procedure, it’s also an important one for the health of the animal and something that responsible pet owners should do for the good of the animal community.  Both procedures involve making the animal sterile. Neutering is done to male pets to remove their testicles and spaying is done to female pets, which remove the uterus and ovaries.

  • Belly/Exploratory Surgery – Many times pets can get into things they aren’t supposed to. In order to figure out what is causing the problem, a belly or exploratory surgery into the abdomen will have to take place to diagnose the problem and extract the foreign object. This surgery can also be used to remove bladder stones.
  • Cancer Surgery – While a belly surgery could also be used to remove a tumor, depending on the location this could be a category on its own. Pets can get cancer pretty much anywhere, just like humans do, and removing the tumor is usually the first step in cancer treatment for pets.
  • Tooth Extraction/Dental Surgery – Animals also need their teeth taken care of, but when a tooth is damaged or there is an infection it may be necessary to do a tooth extraction. This helps save the surrounding teeth and will preserve their gums and jaw.
  • Skin Mass – Many times a pet has a skin mass that needs to be removed, but it is not cancerous. The removal of a benign skin mass can be a common surgery for both cats and dogs at Chatham Animal Clinic.

Pet Surgeries at Chatham Animal Clinic

An experienced veterinarian should perform these surgeries. The veterinarians at Chatham Animal Clinic can perform these common animal surgeries as well as provide pet care for your animal. Contact your veterinarian in Cary NC today.

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