The Importance of Pet Dental in Cary

The Importance of Pet Dental in Cary

Getting your dog or cat regular pet dental in Cary is extremely important. Pets can develop the same oral health problems as their human owners, including gingivitis, periodontal disease, abscesses and infections. Thankfully, our full range of veterinary dental services at Chatham Animal Hospital can help keep your pet’s teeth clean and detect oral health problems early.

Protect Your Dog or Cat’s Oral Health

If you have never scheduled a pet dental cleaning for your dog or cat, there is a good chance that your pet has excessive plaque and tartar build-up. The process starts with food particles. Those particles mix with saliva and bacteria to form plaque, which sticks to your pet’s teeth. If that plaque is left on your pet’s teeth, it hardens, turning into tartar.

The combination of plaque, tartar and excessive bacteria cause gum inflammation and bleeding, which are signs of gingivitis. If the gingivitis is not remedied, it can worsen, resulting in periodontal disease. Periodontal disease causes gum recession, infections, bone loss and loose teeth. By having your pet’s teeth professionally cleaned, you are ensuring that plaque and tartar build-up on removed on a regular basis, which can reduce your pet’s risk of developing gum disease.

Your Pet’s Dental Appointment with Our Cary Veterinarian

When your pet comes in for his or her annual dental appointment, our Cary veterinarian, will examine your pet’s teeth and gums and take dental x-rays. Next, our veterinarian will thoroughly clean your pet’s teeth as well as their gums to remove the plaque and tartar. This is usually performed under anesthesia in order to reduce the stress on your pet.

After your pet’s dental cleaning, our veterinarian would be happy to help give you tips on how to protect your pet’s teeth at home, including how to brush your pet’s teeth and which dental chew toys would be best for your pet.

To schedule an appointment for pet dental services in Cary, call Chatham Animal Hospital today at 919-469-8114.

When is the last time you had your pet’s teeth cleaned

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