PeTopics: Keep your pets safe from toxic plants over the holidays!

December 8, 2015

Toxic plants

With the holidays rolling around, we just wanted to remind everyone that many plants are toxic to your pets. Cats tend to be especially sensitive, so below is a brief list of what to avoid.

1) Lilies: The most frightening of all of the plants for cats are the Lilies.  The tiger, easter, Japanese show, red, and Asiatic lilies are toxic and cause fatal kidney failure just from coming in contact with the pollen!  A good rule of thumb is that no lilies should ever be around a cat!

2) Poinsettia: Poinsettia’s don’t tend to be fatal; however they are a severe intestinal irritant and can cause severe vomiting/diarrhea that can become life threatening if left untreated.  While they are beautiful, keep them away from your pets!

3) Holly and Mistletoe: Another set of plants that can cause severe stomach upset.  Even the dried plants themselves can cause issues.  In high enough amounts than can cause blood pressure drops and breathing issues.

4) Christmas Trees: There are multiple things to worry about with Christmas trees.  The water can house bacteria, mold, and can cause upset stomach very rapidly.  The oil of the trees often irritates the mouth and stomach and can cause drooling and vomiting.  Lastly, then needles themselves cause stomach irritation and can lead to obstruction.

Just a note….this list isn’t comprehensive and EVERY plant that enters your house should be researched prior!  If you have any questions call Dr. Krakowski, Dr. Bailey, or Dr. Craddock to discuss!

Please call our Cary veterinarian Dr. Krakowski, Dr. Bailey,
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