Pet Surgery Preparation: What to Expect, How to Get Ready

Pet Surgery Preparation: What to Expect With Your Cary Veterinarian

Our Cary veterinarian understands that your pet’s surgery can be an unnerving experience. Pet surgery can be especially challenging since your animal is not able to tell you exactly what it’s feeling. At Chatham Animal Hospital, we do everything in our power to help every pet stay calm and comfortable throughout any surgical procedure–including the pre-operative and post-operative stages.


Preparing Your Animal For Pet Surgery: Tips From Our Veterinarian In Cary 

Our veterinarian in Cary recommends at least key three steps to prepare your animal for pet surgery:

  • First, ask our veterinarian in Cary about questions or concerns you have about the pet surgery experience. Our team provides you with all the education you need to feel confident in your ability to prepare your animal before the procedure, and take care of your animal after the procedure.
  • Since most surgeries require that your animal is placed under general anesthesia (to keep your animal safe and comfortable), you’ll probably be asked to refrain from giving your animal food and water for around 12 hours prior to surgery. Your vet and pet surgical team will be able to give you specific details.
  • Prepare a comfortable space for your animal to come home to after the surgery. This may be a crate or other area designated for your animal with a soft blanket and water.

What To Expect

At Chatham Animal Hospital, our staff is honored to be one of the premier area facilities for pet surgery in Cary, NC. When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Advanced and innovative surgical technology, including medical laser therapy, which has been shown to reduce bleeding and post-operative pain
  • Education on what to look out for in your pet during the recovery stage, such as signs and symptoms of infection or adverse reactions to anesthesia (both of which are rare)
  • Information on any medications, follow-up visits, and activity restrictions that your animal may need after the surgery (we even offer at-home prescription deliveries through our online pharmacy!)

Are You Looking For Pet Surgery In Cary? Call Our Cary Animal Hospital Today

Since 1983, our Cary animal hospital has been providing veterinary medicine and pet surgery in Cary. We’ve also been advancing our techniques and technology to ensure you and your animal are provided with the highest quality service. If your animal is in need of pet surgery in Cary, or if you’re interested in learning more about our services, including medical laser therapy, call Chatham Animal Hospital today!

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