Now Offering Pet Grooming in Cary

Now Offering Pet Grooming in Cary

Chatham Animal Clinic has provided exemplary pet surgical and medical care for Cary and the surrounding communities since 1983. Our Cary animal hospital addresses all areas of pet health, providing preventive, diagnostic, treatment and pet surgical services. One area of pet wellness that our veterinarian in Cary advises pet owners about is pet hair, nail and skin care. Deficiencies in any of these areas can lead to a poor appearance, discomfort for your pet, and even health problems. That is why we are happy to also offer pet grooming in Cary as one of our services.

Our Cary groomer has over thirteen years of experience in looking after the health and well-being of pets, and will be available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Services include baths, shampoos, grooming and hair cutting, sani-trims, toe nail trims, ear cleanings, flea and tick treatments, and more.

The Benefits of Professional Pet Grooming

Our veterinarian in Cary, pet groomer, and our entire healthcare team are all committed to providing personal care that increases the quality of your pet’s life. Consistent grooming by our professional Cary groomer is an integral part of this process.

Regular grooming and bathing keeps your animal companions clean and fresh, and helps protect outdoor pets from dangerous parasites like ticks and fleas. Ear cleaning and inspections are particularly important to look for parasites or signs of infection. Dogs need their paws inspected for cuts, and nails trimmed so they can walk comfortably. As the grooming services are being performed, our Cary groomer also checks your pet’s skin condition and looks for any signs of a rash or inflammation.

Dr. David Krakowski, Dr. Matt Bailey, and Dr. Morgan Craddock understand the special role pets play in your family. We are dedicated to becoming your partner in your pet’s health care. Contact us today for more information on pet grooming in Cary.

Please call our Cary veterinarian Dr. Krakowski, Dr. Bailey,
or Dr. Craddock at Chatham Animal Hospital today at
(919) 469-8114 if you would like to discuss this further!

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