Laser Therapy FAQs

Affordable and Effective Laser Therapy Treatment Services

In recent times, the Chatham Animal Clinic has introduced yet another unique and remarkable pet treatment services called laser therapy. Below are answers to the frequently posed questions by pet owners seeking this therapy option for their human companions.

How Does it Work?

The specialist points a beam of energy to the tissues of the affected areas on your pet. The light has elements that eradicate inflammation and reduce pain signals.

Is it Painful?

This therapy is the preferred treatment option for most pet owners today as it is 100% safe and efficient. What’s more, the technique is pain-free, and you’re pets are often sedated throughout the ordeal.

How Much Does it Cost?

The rates for the therapy vary from one pet to the next. To find out the charges you’ll have to pay, just come down to any of our clinics and get all the answers required.

When to Seek this Therapy

It is highly advisable you take your dogs and other pets to the laser therapy specialists immediately if you notice awkward signs. For instance, if your pet is unable to jump, run and walk properly, then something could be amiss and you need to consult our veterinarian in Cary, NC

What are the Benefits?

  • This therapy doesn’t leave any noticeable scars on your pet’s fur or body, afterward
  • It is a remarkably affordable pet treatment solution
  • It is non-invasive and comfortable for the pets
  • Laser therapy is ideal for treating many adverse pet anomalies like arthritis, hip displacement, and tumors

In a nutshell, pet laser treatment is the best treatment option for dogs and cats suffering from conditions affecting their bones and spinal cord. It is, however, imperative for you to shun the laser treatment if your pet is pregnant. The specialists take extreme care to avoid beaming the energy straight to the pet’s eyes.

About Chatham Animal Clinic

Since 1983, countless pet owners have sought refuge at the Chatham Animal Clinic. This veterinary clinic has earned itself a ravenous reputation for delivering a broad range of essential pet treatment services. To book a laser therapy session with our vastly experienced vets only takes a few moments at most.You can find our contacts in our clinic’s official web pages.

Please call our Cary veterinarian Dr. Krakowski, Dr. Bailey,
or Dr. Craddock at Chatham Animal Hospital today at
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