Kittens for Adoption

October 19, 2013

UPDATE 11/5/13 — Purrsephone has already gone to her new home and Donald will be going home on Friday! Thank you to everyone who played with them and who put the word out that they were looking for a home. We are very happy as they are both going to excellent homes!!

As some of you may know we periodically offer homeless kittens for adoption. We currently have two. A little brown tabby girl named Purrsephone and a little grey and white, fluffy boy named Donald. They are both very sweet and friendly.

Purrsephone prefers to curl up with you and enjoy quiet time, though she does still have those cute kitten antics. A few times a day she still wants to run around and enjoy stretching those kitten muscles. She is a shy girl who will preferably go to a home either with Donald or with another animal already in the house.

Donald is a feisty little boy who is perfect for an active household or other animals. Donald is open to anything and anyone. He would fit in just about anywhere as he does not seem bothered by new situations. When one of our employees took them home for the weekend he immediately started walking around the house and playing with the kids like he had been there for years.

Please feel free to come by and see them or just play with them anytime that we are open. They love visitors!

In fact we had to put up this picture with them behind cage bars, as anytime that we go into their kennel they are too busy loving on you to pose for a picture. They are just too sweet.

Please call our Cary veterinarian Dr. Krakowski, Dr. Bailey,
or Dr. Craddock at Chatham Animal Hospital today at
(919) 469-8114 if you would like to discuss this further!

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