Genetic Testing in Dogs

Genetic Testing in Dogs

Genetic testing in dogs has come a long way over the recent years, so today we will talk about what our Cary veterinarians are capable of testing for and how we can apply that information for the care of your pet.

What To Expect at Chatham Animal Hospital

All of the genetic tests we perform here at Chatham Animal Hospital are performed through the Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis lab.   There test is more comprehensive than the “over the counter” cotton swab based tests (these tests usually just give you breed information).  It is also more accurate.  It is able to give you breed accuracy within 90% and the genetic disease testing is 99% accurate.  You will obtain results on breed information back as far as the great-grand parents as well as testing for 130 genetic markers.

The added benefit versus other “over the counter” tests are the genetic markers.  This aspect of the Royal Canin analysis screens for certain genetic mutations and the subsequent diseases they can cause.  A well-known example is the mutation in the MDR1 gene.  This mutation can make certain breeds more susceptible to drugs (particularly drugs like Ivermectin used for deworming).  Having this information will help us better treat your pet and avoid potentially life threatening medications!

Lastly, the genetic test run at Chatham Animal Hospital can help predict your dog’s adult weight.  This can be especially helpful with those rescued mixed breed dogs.  Now we can more accurately assess their full grown weight so you can better pick out their bedding and toys (and know what to expect)!

Contact Our Cary Veterinarian Today!

So even if you have a pure-bred pet, genetic testing information is relevant and may help us better manage your pup!  Please call our Cary veterinarian (Dr. Krakowski, Dr. Bailey, or Dr. Craddock) at Chatham Animal Hospital today at (919) 469-8114 if you would like to discuss this further!

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