Annual Pet Wellness Exam in Cary

Biannual Pet Wellness Exams in Cary

Biannual pet wellness exams in Cary help your pet’s veterinarian keep your furry friends healthy. Dogs and cats age much faster than humans, so it is recommended that a full examination is performed every 6 months.  At Chatham Animal Hospital we offer biannual wellness exams to pets of our community. From the youngest cat to the oldest dog, we check for chronic conditions, illnesses, parasitic infection, diseases and more. Knowing what to expect and how often to bring in your pet for a wellness exam can help you take care of your animal friend in Cary.

Benefits of Wellness Exams

There are many reasons to bring your pet into the animal hospital for a wellness exam!

  • Improved quality of life. Wellness exams can improve your pet’s quality of life by leading to diagnosis and treatment of existing conditions.

  • Pet owner education. During your pet’s wellness exam, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about your pet’s behavior and health.

  • Improved relationship with the vet. Seeing the vet on a regular basis will help your pet get comfortable with the veterinarian, which will make future visits more productive and less stressful for your pet.

What to Expect

During your pet’s wellness exam, the veterinarian will check your pet’s eyes, ears, nose, coat, skin, breathing, heart beat and more. The veterinarian may also take a stool sample and blood sample to check your pet for problems like parasitic infection.

Many pets also get vaccinations or booster shots during their wellness exams. Your pet’s vet will track these shots and let you know when more are due. Once the wellness exam is over, your pet’s veterinarian may recommend services like dental care, grooming, or senior care if appropriate.

Contact Your Pet’s Veterinarian in Cary

As your pet’s veterinarian in Cary, we offer wellness exams and other important services to help your pet maintain a good quality of life. To make an appointment, contact us at (919) 469-8114.

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